We have recently added a 2nd simulator at Glasgow having increased the use of our FAA approved simulator. These have ensured our school is busy throughout the year; even when the Scottish weather is at it’s worst.

FAA approved procedural Trainer

This unit is ideal for introducing new people to the excitement of flying. We run several Introductory sessions which provide an understanding of the training requirements for both the Private licence and Commercial Licence. It is also helpful for our students to review their training and experience events which may not be so easy to demonstrate while airbourne. It is also an excellent platform for more advanced Instrument training and practice.

Boeing 737 Simulator

With several of our instructors currently flying this aircraft we decided to invest in a full replica simulator. It replicates the Boeing 737 from start-up and is great fun to experience an hour in the life of a commercial airline pilot. It can be used for practice for pilots progressing in their education and is also great fun.