PPL training (Private Pilot Licence)


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PPL Requirements:

14 years of age to log flights, 16 years of age for first solo, 17 years of age to pass the test

45 hours of flight training of which:

  • 25h of dual training
  • 10h of supervised solo, of which:5h of cross country flying minimum
  • One solo cross country flight of a minimum of 150nm (280km) where one full stop landing is done at an airfield different than that of the departure airfield
  • 9 Theoretical exams including: Air Law, Operational Procedures, Meteorology, Human Performance, Communications, Navigation, Principles of Flight, Aircraft General Knowledge, Flight Performance and Planning
  • Practical Radiotelephony exam
  • Practical Flight Test

Your can save by purchasing small blocks of hours for your training.

Please note that landing fees are NOT included and will be charged at time of flight.

Additional information

Block hours

5 hours, 10 hours, 25 hours, 45 hours

Aircraft Type

Piper Tomahawk, Cessna 172M/N