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Instrument Rating (Restricted) – replaces the UK IMC Rating

The IR(R) is a rating which is only valid in UK airspace. It has higher recommended minima than a full Instrument Rating but is useful for occasional IFR flight when encountering marginal weather. It includes the range of Instrument Approach Procedures.

The IR(R) course is also likely to be attractive if you are serious about getting into instrument flying, using this as a first step towards the full CBM-IR.


Applicants must hold a PPL with 25 hours after qualifying of which 10 as PIC and 5 cross country.
A night rating is required if the IR(R) is to be valid at night.
There are no additional medical requirements.


The privilege of the IR(R) is to fly under IFR and in IMC in UK airspace. This is restricted to classes of airspace D, E, F, and G (thus excluding IFR airways). The holder may file IFR flight plans and are often conducted outside controlled airspace.


Course material is available for self study in a single book. There is one IR(R) theory exam.

Training Requirements

15 hours of instrument flight time under instruction are required.


The rating is valid for 25 months and is re-validated by a proficiency check.

Your can save by purchasing small blocks of hours for your training.

Additional information

Block hours

1 hour, 5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours, 40 hours