We are delighted to confirm the continuing support with ‘The Glasgow Arrow’ after its recent restructuringG-EGPF.

With 3 experienced instructors, 2 of which can instruct for the IR(R), the group is looking to attract new members. The group is making it easier for pilots to access the aircraft for advanced training and for ‘trial flights’.

The aircraft is available exclusively through Leading Edge Flight Training.

Although an Arrow is not the best aircraft for a flying club it is great to have aircraft like this involved. It lets members extend their knowledge and experience. It is also the perfect step up for pilots who already have a share in a more standard aircraft.

The aircraft was originally collected from Sweden and brought to the club almost 4 years ago, Until now, access for non-owners has been difficult. We appreciate the new approach from the group and are confident they will attract some additional members very quickly.

If you would like more information you should email info@abbotsinchaviation.co.uk

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