Maintenance flights are the only authorised flights currently which unfortunately means only the chosen few can benefit from.

The weather was not ideal due to the steady stream of snow showers passing through the airport. There was a clear break to depart in glorious sunshine; the return was timed perfectly for a stunning go-around and landing.

These maintenance flights are essential as they ensure the engine gets fully up to temperature. Additionally, a good airing and operation of the controls prevents any issues going unnoticed.

Our instructor Alex was at the controls on a special day for him passing a milestone in his flying career.Unfazed by the weather, he celebrated with a flypast on another quiet day at Glasgow International Airport.

We are hoping to get back to flying in March and await further government guidance. If you are interested in learning to fly or already hold a pilot licence why not get in contact to find out more about or flying  school and club.

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