Operating from Glasgow International Airport offers a controlled and safe enviroment for training and solo hire. There are a number of unique hazards and you should make yourself familiar with them. Below are a summary along with a risk assesment you can download. If you identify additional hazards please report them to safety@leadingedgeflighttraining.com.

Divert from Glasgow Airport

Glasgow has a single operational runway with no alternative in the event of it being closed. With high ground to the North and South and Glasgow city to the East, there are several considerations in the event of diverting.

EGPF divert risk assessment – LE

Commercial Seaplane operations from Loch Lomond

The seaplane operates to the North of the Glasgow Control Zone. With no requirement to contact Glasgow Approach frequency, it often departs without radio calls. This is a local hazard all pilots should be aware of. A good lookout is essential along with attention to radio broadcasts from ATC and other traffic.

Loch Lomond Seaplanes risk assessment – LE

Geography to the West

The area to the West is spectacular but also has risks which need to be acknowledged. Awareness of your location is essential.

Geography to West risk assessment – LE

One way apron

We have an excellent location at Glasgow International Airport. However, the apron is narrow as is the taxiway. The area is shared and we need to be aware that other pilots may operate differently.

One way Apron risk assessment – LE

Radio failure

We operate in a busy traffic area and communication is essential. Make yourself familiar with the operating agreement we have with NATS and make use of standby options available.

Radio failure risk assessment – LE

Busy Commercial Activity

Approaches to Glasgow are completed under the guidence of ATC. Lack of overhead joins at EGPF is not a concern locally but it has been raised as a potential threat when visiting other airports. Make sure you are familiar with this procedure when visiting other airfields.

Lack of overhead joins at EGPF

Entry Exit

There is only 1 standard entry/exit route at Glasgow International Airport. Other routes can be requested. These routes are designed to make it easy for GA aircraft with minimal burden on ATC. It is essential these are flown accurately.

Entry Exit routes risk assessment – LE