We are almost ready for the imminent opening of our new base at Cumbernauld Airport.

One of our Cessna 172 (G-GBLP) has been positioned at EGPG (Cumbernauld).

We also have 2 Cessna 172 still based at Glasgow – G-BEHV and G-BGIY. HV was repainted last year and IY will be delivered to RS Aero Engineering at the end of March for an annual check and a bare metal respray.

We also have 2 Piper Tomahawks in our fleet at Glasgow. And a group-owned Piper Arrow 3 (G-EGPF).

We will be looking for additional aircraft to add to our fleet. We understand this may take a while as there are few suitable aircraft on the current market.

This will create 2 free spaces at our Glasgow base.

Have you thought of basing your aircraft at Glasgow?

Would you be interested in flying an aircraft from Glasgow International Airport?

With all the facilities you would expect at an international airport, Glasgow is a fantastic airport to operate from. Whether you are training for fun or are an experienced aircraft owner, Glasgow is now accessible for GA.

Do you know?

  • Monthly parking is available from £100 + VAT per month
  • We have our own on-site engineering for based aircraft
  • Landing fees for based aircraft are available from £24.95 + VAT
  • Based aircraft are guaranteed the cheapest Avgas in Scotland

Would like to find out more?

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