Work has started preparing the office for our new base at Cumbernauld. We will be located on the 1st floor is the same room we used almost 20 years ago.

Our telephone number, 01236-727727 is now active. This is also the same number we previously had.

While we are not currently operational we have had a great reception from the staff at Cumbernauld Airport. We have also had a number of visitors and are looking forward to getting started.

Our membership offer will be extended in line with our delay in starting. This is effectively a FREE membership at Cumbernauld available to students and licence holders. Email if you require further information. A similar offer is also available including our Glasgow base. Existing members will also benefit form the offer on renewal.

We have been adding to our instructor team and are still looking for more.

Our Flight Experience pilot team is also expanding. Interested pilots should send their details to including details of relevant experience.

We look forward to welcoming you at Cumbernauld (and Glasgow) in the near future.


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