Leading Edge provide a service to fly vouchers on behalf of Buy-a-Gift.

The only vouchers we can book direct are the 30 minute and the 60 minute sessions.

Both are conducted as Introductory Flights. 60 minute sessions may be flown as lessons with prior agreement.

The session times are the times with the aircraft. Our flights are conducted from Glasgow International Airport which can be a busy enviroment. Flight time is typically 20 minutes less than the total time as there are checks and taxi time required.

Flight time can be extended for an additional fee (£20.00 per 5 minutes). It is recommended particularly for the 30 minute vouchers or if a ‘Flying Lesson’ is preferred.

Flight may also be upgraded to a 4 seat aircraft. This cost £1.00 per minute. These aircraft allow you to take an additional person with you on your flight without further charge.

To book a flight call 0141-404-1830 between 10:00 and 16:00 any day.