Are you ready to return to flying? The current government restrictions mean that we are still not able to provide flight training or aircraft hire. But we are making preparations to make the return for pilots safe and fun.

Getting pilots and students current again will undoubtably see a surge in activity when the restrictions are relaxed. There is no shortcut to this and we expect even the more experienced pilots will seek some refresher training.

Whether you are a fairly new pilot or more experienced with additional ratings Glasgow offers all the facilities to get your skills back to a safe level. An International standard runway, full ATC (Air Traffic Control), and a range of navigation aids including VOR and ILS.

We are introducing some incentives to help ensure a safe return for General Aviation. These will not be restricted to our students and members either! If you are based at another club or school, or if you own your own aircraft we will have something to spark your interest. Simply register on the website and you will have access to any of the offers released.

We look forward to seeing some new and familiar faces soon.

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