Aviation is undoubtedly an expensive hobby. And it is understandable that pilots are keen to fly as much as they can within their budget.

So what is the most economical option available?

Ownership is a dream for many. However, the capital investment, running costs, and unscheduled maintenance costs can be difficult to justify with less than 300 hours a year’s usage.

Piper Tomahawk

Aircraft shares allow pilots to share the risks and can often provide the recreational pilot with a reasonable alternative. Usage of shareholders will typically vary within a group and availability will be a compromise.

Non-equity is the latest option which can offer reduced costs with no outlay. This is a good way for an aircraft owner to offset costs by effectively hiring the aircraft adhoc.

The above all have their pros and cons. Every pilot is different and will have their own important requirements to consider.

Leading Edge has decided to offer a further option we hope will be of interest. We have looked at options available elsewhere and the understanding to offer a simple structure that is flexible.

Monthly payment – £100.00
Piper Tomahawk – £120.00 per hour
Cessna 172 – £145.00 per hour
Glasgow landing fee – £30.00 (5 of one flight £96.00)
Cumbernauld landing fee – £15.00 (unlimited on 1 flight £65.00)

FAA procedural trainer – £20.00 per hour
Boeing 737-800 simulator – £60.00 per hour
Airbus A320 simulator – £60.00 per hour

Membership is £99.00 covering both locations. (Optional airside pass for Glasgow for 24-hour access – £150.00)
3-month rolling commitment.
Account to be in credit at all times.

There will be 2 Piper Tomahawk and 3 Cessna 172 available between the 2 bases.
Rates are not available for Ab-initio training.

We welcome any feedback.

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