We will shortly confirm dates for Leading Edge Flight Training & Flying Club Winter Talks.

This year, we are extending the invitation to include non-members. 

We intend to split the venues between our bases at Glasgow International Airport and Cumbernauld Airport. However, if there is sufficient interest it is likely the majority will be held at the Cafe at Cumbernauld Airport as it has the capability to host more people.

All attendees will require to register (no charge). Light refreshments will be provided and you are welcome to bring along your own.

If you have a particular interest in any of the subjects let us know in advance with specific dates you prefer. Please email info@left.aero

The subjects are as follows :- 

  • Getting the best value from your flying – This will be an open discussion with advice on how to get more flying for your money. There will be ideas to reduce your costs and increase your options to fly. It will also cover what can and cannot be done to keep you within the regulations. (Booking options available on the day – Fly a 2 seat aircraft for £99 per hour, a 4 seat for £119 per hour, or a Piper Arrow for £150)
  • Fly-outs – We will be reserving a day every month solely for flyouts. We hope to encourage others (non-members) to join us for these flyouts and encourage more interaction for pilots. There will be an open discussion of destinations; local and abroad. Dates will be confirmed for flyouts on the night.
  • Boeing v Airbus – What is the better aircraft? We have a number of current pilots flying these aircraft involved with us. Vic from Jet2 and Germain from Easyjet will present a ‘discussion’ on the merits of each aircraft. We have simulators for both these aircraft. We will be offering a 1 hour session on either simulator for £49, or both for £89. (Further options are available with a current rated pilot)
  • Maintenance – This will be a discussion or sensible procedures when operating aircraft. Lots of basic tips and considerations as a pilot, including interaction with aircraft engineers. It will include points for winter operations. There will also be the opportunity to discuss maintenance requirements and answer questions in relation to Continuing Airworthiness.
  • Additional training – Are you interested in a Night Rating or Instrument Rating? Or interested in becoming a Flying Instructor? Or even learning to fly a Boeing or Airbus? Come along to discuss how we can help.
  • Glasgow ATC – We are fortunate to operate from Glasgow Airport with the interaction with a full ATC service. This is something many new pilots have not had the opportunity to experience. Glasgow ATC will present on MONDAY 22nd JANUARY, TUESDAY 13th FEBRUARY. Dates will be confirmed on the night for visits to Glasgow ATC.

Membership / Fire Training / Pass Applications – There are recurring requirements for pass holders, and a process for those wishing to apply for a pass. This meeting is a chance to meet fellow members, enquire about joining Leading Edge, apply for an airside pass, or update your recurring requirements.